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Badass Dash Acquires Down and Dirty Obstacles

March 29th, 2017|0 Comments

Badass Dash recently acquired obstacles from Down & Dirty Obstacles Series in advance of their season opener on May 20 in Las Vegas. Badass Dash is set to host six events in 2o17. With the acquisition of the new obstacles look for Badass Dash to bring more fun and more challenge to their events.

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Badass Women of OCR: Randi Lackey

Each woman in this series is unique in their own way. For Randi, what drew me to her, was her athleticism. She is not only a woman that holds multiple podium finishes in OCR races across the board, but she was one of only 2 women in 2015 to keep their belt when finishing Conquer the Gauntlet (a mandatory obstacle completion OCR). She has her own personality and seems to be full of energy and drive.

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Icebug Oribi – Trail & Road Racer

The 2017 Icebug Orbi are quite easy to write off on first glance; they just don't look like trail shoes, much less a high-tech racer. The shiny bright blue upper is contrasted by a cute little bug in eye-catching orange with each shoe cinched up with thin, seemingly simple laces - so one could be forgiven if dismissed these as pretty walkers or everyday kicks. Of course, you'd be wrong.

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OCRTUBE: Mud Endeavor – Little Manatee River 2017

March 27th, 2017|0 Comments

Arnel Banawa headed back on the road the past weekend making a stop at Little Manatee River State Park in Florida. Banawa captured the excitement and fun of Mud Endeavor a fun and challenging 5K Obstacle Run. Mud Endeavor has been in business for over four years and continues to grow. Many members of the Mud Run Fun team were showcased in Banawa's latest OCRTUBE.

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Bermuda Triple Challenge 2017: The Ultimate Racecation

Bermuda has been known for decades as a destination vacation spot for people around the world. The small island nation is a simple flight from eastern United States cities and because of trade winds offers a warm and inviting climate. For decades the island was known to be a playground for only the wealthy over the past decade the country has tried to reshape the vision of who they are to the world. Today Bermuda wants to be one of the top sporting destinations in the world and the Bermuda Triple Challenge is helping to change the island's image.

Goliathon Launches New Fundraising Efforts for #WorldWaterDay

Goliathon a charity based obstacle race in the United States announced today the launch of a new fundraising campaign. Since the beginning, race organizers - consisting of a group of volunteers - created Goliathon as an event to give back. Over the years they have focused on bringing clean drinking water to people all over the world. Today they launched a new campaign in advance of their next event on June 3, 2017.

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