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Brian Nichol Named 2018 OCR Humanitarian of the Year

July 19th, 2018|0 Comments

Brian Nichol has been named the 2018 OCR Humanitarian of the Year an award presented by For Those Who Would, North American Obstacle Course Racing Championships and Mud Run Guide. Nichol exemplifies selfless giving in his work with at-risk youth. His story not only inspired the award committee but also the obstacle course racing community.

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Product Review: Atomik Climbing Hold Peg Receivers and Holds

I have been a fan of Atomik Climbing Holds for about as long as I have been doing Obstacle Course Racing (OCR). One of the aspects that make OCR challenging is certain movements are hard to make progressive (it gets harder as you get better). Luckily for me (and you), I found Atomik’s Peg Receivers to allow for a versatile training solution that helps you prepare your forearm and back muscles for even the toughest obstacles.

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A New World Record

A couple years ago I met Justin Gielski at the playground where we were both training.  He was videotaping some spots for his upcoming appearance on American Ninja Warrior.  We have trained together and one thing that describes him is drive, recently he put his mind to a new goal.

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Terrain Race: Slinger, Wisconsin

Wet, muddy, humid and hilly.  These four words perfectly describe the Terrain Race in Slinger, Wisconsin.  This race was held at Little Switzerland, a small midwestern ski resort located about 30 miles northwest of Milwaukee.  When we pulled up to the venue, the hills really did not seem too intimidating, especially considering the standard 5k distance of this race. 

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USAOCR Announces 2018 Championship

USAOCR announced today the dates for the 2018 U.S. National OCR Championship. The event is set to take place in San Diego, California December 1-2, 2018.  Held at the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center, an Official U.S. Olympic, and Paralympic Training Site.

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South Africa OCR Championship Results

July 16th, 2018|0 Comments

South Africa hosted it's first National OCR Championships over the weekend in coordination with Warrior Race. The national championship brought the best of the best of South African racers together to showcase the best in the sport.

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A Simple Shoe Hack for OCR Awesomeness

This post was originally titled: "Ruin Your Shoes to Make Them Better" and I figured that didn't have as much SEO juice as anything with the word "Hack" in the title, so here you go!

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Training Tuesday: A Peek into Ryan Atkins and Lindsay Webster's Training

This Training Tuesday we are mixing it up with a look inside the training of two of obstacle course racings most accomplished athletes. Tough Mudder put together this mini-documentary of the training and lives of both Atkins and Webster. It's a candid look into the world and training or this OCR power couple. 

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Race Recap: Spartan Super Palmerton 2018

There’s some good news and some bad news about the Palmerton Spartan Super last Saturday. The good news is that I will only write one more cliché. Here it comes. The following picture tells a thousand words. This picture told me everything I needed to know about this race.

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2018 Spartan Death Race Results

The Spartan Death Race took place over the weekend in Pittsfield, Vermont. The birthplace of Spartan. The race kicked off on Thursday just after midnight with 63 races attempting to see how far they could go. The event included an overnight hike, a Guinness World Record record set, and in the end, 12 athletes were granted the coveted skull.

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