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Race Recap: Spartan Race Arizona Sprint 2018

February 17th, 2018|0 Comments

Spartan Race in the dessert was not bad at all. Most of us expect Arizona to be hot & unbearable, but that was not the case at all this past weekend with perfect weather in the mid 70s. The sights, sounds, and smells of the event filled the air as we approached, complete with of food trucks, cheers from the crowds, steep hills silhouetted by the rising sun, grunts from challenging obstacles, racers counting their burpees nearby, smoke and cheers from the fire jump, clanging of new medals around necks and AROOS! from the start line made for an extremely memorable day.

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Community Members of the Week – February 10- 16, 2018

Weekly Mud Run Guide is amazed at the amount of sheer awesomeness emanating from the obstacle racing community. This week we highlight two such stories from the community.

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Tough Mudder All in For Competitive OCR in 2018

For years Tough Mudder prided itself on being a challenge, not a race until it was a race. However, over the years as obstacle racing has matured so have the race organizations. This year with over $500,000 in prize purses and several competitive series Tough Mudder is here to compete.

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OCR Kids Training and Racing in Arizona

As a mother of two, a personal trainer and a competitive racer, I am fiercely passionate about encouraging the next generation of obstacle course racers.  So when an opportunity came up at Phoenix Evolution (an OCR gym located in Chandler, Arizona) to coach 25 kids, ages 5-13, I could not have been more excited.

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Race Recap: Abominable Adventure Run 2018 Como Colorado

Nestled away in the small mountain town of Como Colorado is an Abominable Adventure Snow Run that is put together on the grounds of a kid’s adventure camp. The race boasts 4 snowy miles at 10,200 ft of elevation and 20+ obstacles for you to crawl, climb, run, sled, and trudge through.

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Training Tuesday: Tough Mudder 8-Minute Agility Workout

February 13th, 2018|0 Comments

Looking to increase your speed and endurance in your obstacle racing? EROCK from Tough Mudder puts together this week a quick 8-minute agility workout. Being agile is a key component to flowing through obstacles quickly and efficiently.

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Training Tuesday: Spartan Race Barbed Wire Crawl Training

For this Training Tuesday we look to the team at Spartan Race. The team guides us through a workout to help prepare for the barbed wire crawl. Barbed wire or low crawls are a favorite obstacle not just for Spartan Race but for the entire obstacle racing industry. We break down the workout and give alternatives if you do not have a gym membership. 

  • Training Tuesday Tough Mudder HIIT Cardio Workout

Training Tuesday: Tough Mudder HIIT Cardio Workout

Training Tuesday brings you an at home HIIT Cardio workout from Tough Mudder. All you need to complete this workout is yourself and the drive to push a little harder, also maybe a towel to wipe the sweat off your face!

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Tough Mudder Announces 2018 Pro-Team

Tough Mudder announced today its Pro-Team for the 2018 season. With both new and returning faces, the Tough Mudder Pro Team features some of the best in the OCR Industry.

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Review: Stoked Coffee Stix – Bring the Stoke With You

As editor-in-chief of Mud Run Guide, there is one substance above all that fuels me. Simply, coffee. The coffee routine at my house involves weighing and hand grinding freshly roasted beans, warming my mug and pour over set with one set of water. At the same time heating another kettle to an exact temperature before meditatively pouring over the beans.  Simply, it is my morning moving meditation.

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