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Ian Adamson set to Executive Produce Feature Film Showcasing Primal Quest

June 23rd, 2018|0 Comments

Primal Quest is set to host the first expedition OCR World Championship later this year in part with World OCR (FISO). It was recently announced that this year's event will feature a full-length documentary showcasing the event. The film is a joint partnership between Emmy award-winning filmmaker Tim Powell, World OCR President Ian Adamson, and Primal Quest CEO Maria Burton.

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Community Members of the Week: June 15 – 21, 2018

As we leap into summer the day after the solstice in the global obstacle racing community is abuzz with activity with races happening all around the world every weekend. This week's community members of the week are jumping and swinging into the summer season of the racing season.

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Race Recap: Terrain Racing Tennessee 2018

I ran my first Terrain Racing event last weekend, competing in the competitive division and opted-in for an extra lap in the mid-morning heavy Tennessee heat. While my experience was largely positive overall, a number of hiccups along the way highlighted the brand’s growing pains.

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Race Recap: Black Swamp Dash

On June 16th, 2018 I traveled to Oak Harbor, Ohio to take on the Black Swamp Dash. Founded, built, and run by husband and wife, Troy and Sandy Anthony, the Black Swamp Dash is an impressive local race series.

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Product Review: Atomik Rig Grips

The first time I encountered, and subsequently failed, a rig the memory and experience stuck with me hard. Moving forward I didn’t want to have that experience again and began working hard to improve on my weaknesses. Thanks to Atomik Climbing Holds and their deep line of rig grips, they have continued to push my obstacle proficiency to the next level.

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Training Tuesday: Conquering Everest 2.0

June 12th, 2018|0 Comments

Tough Mudder is known for their big obstacles that often require help from a fellow mudder. Everest has been a signature obstacle since Tough Mudder got their start in 2010. Over the years the obstacle has continued to evolve. However, teamwork and a helping hand have always been part of the obstacle. 

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Tough Mudder Opens First Tough Mudder Bootcamp in Burlington, Massachusetts

Over the weekend Tough Mudder opened the doors to the first Tough Mudder Bootcamp training studio in Burlington, Massachusetts. This was the first of thirty studios that are expected to open soon. Tough Mudder Bootcamp’s take Tough Mudder Training outside major urban areas around the country with the next studio opening in Las Vegas later this summer.

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inov-8 Innovates with Nobel Winning Graphene Technology

The British shoe company, inov-8, has is about to revolutionize the sports footwear market. The company has been working with leading scientists to incorporate the Nobel-prize winning graphene into their already award-winning shoes. inov-8 has teamed up with the University of Manchester to become the first-ever company to use graphene in the outdoor shoe market.

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Spartan to Host Spartan Kids World Championship in November

Spartan is gearing up for the inaugural Spartan Kids World Championship to be held in Laughlin, Nevada this November. The brand is looking to highlight the next generation of obstacle racers. Athletes ages 10 - 13 will be vying for up to $10,000 in prizes showcasing the best youth athletes globally. 

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Inov-8 Launches G-Series with Graphene

Inov-8 unveiled today the much anticipated G-Series line using the groundbreaking Graphene technology. For several months Inov-8 has been working with the University of Manchester to use the Nobel Prize-winning Graphene technology in their award-winning shoes.

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